What is the maximum permissible size of photos loaded for the study and is the number of such photos limited?

Number of photos is unlimited. To display photos properly, their height must be lower than 450 px while ratio should be 4:3.

How many languages can be used to add questions and answers?

There are no limits in this respect.

Why isn’t it possible to add further languages when adding further questions?

The number of languages which questions and answers will be available in is defined when adding the first question. To have uniform data, it will be impossible to change them afterwards.

Why cannot I print a test completion certificate?

You can print the certificate provided your result is higher than the test pass mark.

Is it possible to change the certificate pass mark or add additional questions after the tester has taken the test?

It is possible to modify the test before the first tester takes the test.

Assuming the tester’s account is deleted, are his/her results saved?

Unfortunately the results are assigned to tester’s account – if the account is deleted, the same happens to its results and the total results are recalculated for the tests.

Will the answers be lost if the browser is closed or test crashes while taking the test?

If a specific approach is completed, the results will be saved – the test will be available in the column – Uncompleted.

Is it possible to access the portal from a smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can access PQ-MSA from any device which has an access to the Internet and website browser installed.

What determines test loading speed?

The speed depends on the number and size of photos and Internet connection speed. Photos are loaded in the PC memory before the specific approach.

Is it possible to check how the tester answered?

Yes, you can do this from the customer’s and group’s account. As for the tester’s account, you can check wrong answers only.

What happens if the answer is not given on time?

If the tester fails to give an answer on time, the answer is given automatically. No answer means giving a wrong answer.

Is it possible to correct an answer?

No, it is not – the first answer counts.

What is the order of photos displayed?

The order is random, it is different every time and for every tester. The results are presented by numbers, not by order of display.

Who decides whether a product is OK or NOK?

It is defined when adding questions to the test. The correct answer is specified by a person who creates a test. After the first tester solved the test, it is not possible to change correct answers.

Has PQ-MSA+ been validated?

Yes, the results in the program have been validated. The validation results are made available upon customer’s request.