Creation and course of the analysis

Creation and course of the analysis

Create a test

Creating tests in the PQ-MSA program is extremely simple, which means that tests are created very quickly.

To create a test, you just need to create a folder with appropriately named photos (a detailed description can be found in the manual – link) and put it in the location where the program is located.

In the next step, all you need to do is start the program, select the appropriate test parameters:

  • number of repetitions
  • the number of auditors participating in the study
  • time to reply
  • the mode of providing answers by individual controllers

And the test is ready!

In PQ-MSA, it is also possible to add additional descriptions to the displayed photos – which may make it easier for the inspectors to evaluate the product.

Course of the test

The MSA test in the program consists in selecting by the inspector whether the picture displayed on the screen shows a compliant or non-compliant product.

The photos are displayed in random order for more reliable results.

Depending on the selected mode, the controllers complete the test sequentially or alternately. The program allows you to save the analysis during work and continue the study at a later time.