PQ-MSA Versions

Choose an option for yourself

Responding to the needs of our clients, we have created two variants of the software:

  • PQ-MSA: Basic version of the software for Windows computers
  • PQ-MSA+: application extended with additional functions and facilities in the form of an internet platform

Comparison of the functionality of the PQ-MSA and PQ-MSA + programs

Detailed list of program functions

1.On-line access
2.Creating MSA analyzes based on photos of your own products
3.Access to statistics● more extensive
4.Possibility to create accounts for controllers
5.Possibility to create texts in the educational version 
6.Any number of photo repetitions in the testmaximum 3
7.Possibility for inspectors to check which photos were wrongly assessedonly picture numbers
8.Generating a certificate
9.Data export to xls file ●
10.Any number of photos in the analysis
11.Ability to add captions to photos