Creation and course of the analysis

Creation and course of the analysis


Create a test

After logging in to the platform, the Administrator can prepare an MSA test. For this purpose, it easily creates user accounts (it also has the ability to divide them into groups) and uploads photos with their descriptions, creating a test.

Test parameters to be entered:

  • Name of the test
  • The time that the inspector will have to make a decision about the defect of the product
  • Number of repetitions of photos in a given test
  • The threshold for passing the test and obtaining a certificate

Then, for each photo, add a question, determine which answer is correct, and enter additional descriptions.

At the very end, we assign the accounts of the controllers who are to complete the test.

In addition, tests can be created in multiple languages – which allows one test to be carried out for employees who speak different languages. Therefore, we gain new possibilities to analyze the results and significantly reduce the time.

You only need to enter photo descriptions in another language.


The course of the analysis

Access to the platform is online – the test does not require installation of additional software.

In order to start a test, all you need to do is log in to the application and select the test you want to run.

The photos are displayed in random order while the test is running. The inspector only has to decide whether the product shown is good or defective.



After completing the test, the controller can check incorrect answers with an additional description.

If he obtains the agreed test result, he will additionally be able to print a certificate.